Age-Friendly Communities in Ontario: Multi-Level Governance, Coordination Challenges and Policy Implications
November 4, 2013 – November 5, 2013

Chestnut Residence and Conference Centre
University of Toronto
89 Chestnut Street

On November 4-5, 2013, the Institute for Research on Public Policy hosted a symposium on creating age-friendly communities, in collaboration with the Government of Ontario, the Association of Municipalities of Ontario and the City of Toronto. The symposium brought together key academic researchers, decision-makers and a broad range of stakeholders. Participants discussed all aspects of age-friendly communities – healthy aging, housing, transportation and mobility, and social participation and recreation.

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In partnership with

Government of Ontario

Government of Ontario


Keynote Address by Dr. Samir Sinha [Audio] [PowerPoint]

Keynote Address by Stephen M. Golant [Audio]

Welcome and introduction [Audio]

Session 1 – Ontario municipalities’ role and function in implementing a seniors strategy [Audio]

Mark Rosenberg [Audio] [PowerPoint]

Margaret Denton [Audio] [PowerPoint]

Josh Matlow [Audio] [PowerPoint]

Debbie Amaroso [Audio] [PowerPoint]

Session 1 - Discussion [Audio]

Session 2 – Governance issues in key policy areas: Break-out sessions

A. Housing [Audio]

Margie Carlson [Audio] [PowerPoint]

Lynn McDonald [Audio] [PowerPoint]

Steve Pomeroy [Audio] [PowerPoint]

Session 2A - Discussion [Audio]

B. Long-term care, assisted living [Audio]

Graham W. S. Scott [Audio] [PowerPoint]

Monika Turner [Audio] [PowerPoint]

Session 2B - Discussion [Audio]

C. Mobility and transportation systems [Audio]

Christian E. Fisker [Audio] [PowerPoint

Glenn R. Miller [Audio] [PowerPoint]

Harry Kitchen [Audio] [PowerPoint]

Session 2C - Discussion [Audio]

D. Community and recreational services [Audio]

Howie Dayton [Audio] [PowerPoint]

Jacqueline Powell [Audio] [PowerPoint]

Caroline Andrew [Audio] [PowerPoint]

Session 2D - Discussion [Audio]

E. Aging communities in large urban areas, suburbs, midsize cities [Audio]

Pierre Filion [Audio] [PowerPoint]

Wayne Chu [Audio] [PowerPoint]

Clara Freire [Audio] [PowerPoint]

Cheryl Hitchen [Audio] [PowerPoint]

Session 2E - Discussion [Audio]

F. Aging communities in rural, northern and remote communities [Audio]

Elaine Wiersma [Audio] [PowerPoint]

Paul Rosebush [Audio] [PowerPoint]

Mark Skinner [Audio] [PowerPoint]

Session 2F - Discussion [Audio]

Session 3: Plenary Session [Audio]